Regional ADR Week in Colombo, Sri Lanka

ރީޖަނަލް އޭ.ޑީ.އާ.ރް ވީކް

MIAC participated in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Week in Colombo, Sri Lanka from May 13-16, 2024, sponsored by the US Department of Commerce’s Commercial Law Development Program in conjunction with the CCC-ICLP International ADR Center.

This is the 3rd year MIAC has participated in this program which brings together representatives from regional ADR centers and others in the legal community for an ADR Center Exchange and Symposium.

Mr. Hussain Siraj, President of the Bar Council of Maldives and former Vice Chairman of MIAC and Ms. Mariyam Shaany, State Counsel of the Attorney General’s Office represented MIAC at this year’s Symposium.

The ADR Week’s program included updates from the regional centers and panel and roundtable discussions on ADR and topical issues.

We thank CLDP, CCC-ICLP International ADR Centre and other regional partners.