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The Maldives International Arbitration Centre (MIAC) is an independent government institution offering alternative dispute resolution services. MIAC was established under Act No. 10/2013 (Maldives Arbitration Act) and is the first and only institution offering arbitration services in the Maldives. The office of MIAC was founded in 2019 and in January 2020 MIAC has opened its doors to the public with its own modern hearing facilities.

MIAC was founded with the objective of promoting arbitration as a means of dispute resolution and to provide cost effective, efficient services to the business community and local and foreign investors.

Despite its recent establishment, MIAC already has experienced and renowned arbitrators, an automated case management system and efficient administrative support services.

MIAC is in the process of developing its own modern Arbitration Rules in line with international standards and has made available interim rules to enable parties to seek our services even now.


MIAC's Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of MIAC  is comprised of three (3) members appointed by the President of Maldives. The Board determine the policy and strategic direction of the Centre. Board Members serve a five (5) year term. 


Shahdy Anwar

Hussain Siraj

Safa Shareef


Rules Committee of MIAC

The Rules Committee is an advisory Commitee and shall advise the Board on MIAC Rules of Arbitration and review the Rules from time to time. The Committee is comprised of three (3) members. 


Ahmed Muizzu

Shaaheen Hameed

Ali Shujau


Secretariat of MIAC

The Secretariat of MIAC is headed by the Chief Executive Officer. The team is comprised of legal and administrative staff to facilitate effective case management services. Our legal team will also provide tribunal secretary services.


Mamdhooha Ali

Chief Executive Officer


Aminath Raya Ali

Legal Counsel


Mansha Abdullah Salih

Legal Counsel


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MIAC has an appointed Information Officer who is responsible for responding to public queries with regards to the Right to Information Act (Act no.: 1/2014) that is being enforced by the Information Comissioner's Office.


In addition to this, the Information Officer is also the primary person of contact for queries during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ahmed Ziyan Mohamed

Information Officer

+960 9962424